Comic Strip Conversations… What are they and how can I use them?

Training covers:

  • Comic Strip Conversations are a strategy developed by Carol Gray to support students with autism by extending their social understanding and helping staff working with them to understand how the child with autism perceives their social world. This strategy can be used to support problem solving and to help ‘un-pick’ difficult situations.
  • This session outlines what Comic Strip Conversations actually are, when you might use them and demonstrates how they can be used. You will also be given an opportunity to ‘try out’ drawing a conversation for yourself.

Who this training is aimed at:

  • Staff with an understanding of autism and an interest in practical strategies in this area (particularly useful for SENCos and specialist support staff.)
  • Primary and secondary phase staff.
  • Although this course is primarily aimed at mainstream staff, specialist staff working with students with autism would also benefit.

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