Girls on the Autism Spectrum… Examining Gender Differences

Training covers:

  • This session aims to outline the differences in presentation between males and females on the autism spectrum. It highlights the fact that occasionally males can present with more female traits. An opportunity to examine the main differences in male and female processing styles and apply this to children and young people diagnosed with Autism.
  • The main ways that girls (and boys with female traits) with autism may present, particularly at school.
  • An opportunity to reflect and share good practice.
  • Recommendations for adjustments and strategies to support girls on the autism spectrum.

Who this course is aimed at:

  • This course is aimed at practitioners with a sound understanding of autism who wish to understand more about how girls particularly may present differently to boys on the autism spectrum.
  • It is assumed that participants will have a good understanding of autism.
  • Primary and secondary phase staff.
  • Although this course is primarily aimed at mainstream staff, specialist staff who want to extend their understanding of autism would also benefit.

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