Lego Based Therapy… What is it and how does it work?

Training covers:

  • What Lego Based Therapy is and how it was developed.
  • How and why Lego Based Therapy is proven to support progress in children & young people diagnosed with autism (an outline of how people with autism think and learn will be given based on current research).
  • An opportunity to examine ways to implement Lego Based Therapy in your own setting.
  • Examining tools to assess outcomes within the Lego Based Therapy framework.
  • Time will be spent in groups undertaking a Lego Based Therapy activity.

Who this course is aimed at:

This course is aimed at any practitioners working with children and young people diagnosed with autism or who would benefit from developing social interaction, social competence and problem-solving skills. It is assumed that participants will have at least a basic understanding of Autism.

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